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Peak Developers is supported by a team of property professionals, each a specialist in their chosen field selected due to their enviable record of success.

These consultants include:


Quantity Surveyors

Acoustic Surveyors

Planning Consultants

Ecological Consultants

Contaminated Land Remediation

Civil Engineers

Traffic Consultants

Charted Surveyors

Energy Management

Arboricultreal Consultants


Unlike many developers, we have access to considerable private funding which allows greater flexibility when considering land assembly.

We can consider planning uses that may enhance the value of land for the benefit of both ourselves and the owner, but be difficult to fund through the more selective process currently applied by banks.

Private funding also allows us the benefit of quick decision making and, more importantly, the ability to back this up with an accelerated purchase if required.

Funding comes from a mix of our own resources and private investors on who's behalf we make strategic investments into land and property. These investments are supplemented by a range of financial institutions, these include:

Barclays Bank,  Handelsbanken, Close Brothers


A Property developer’s ability to succeed is linked to their access to finance.

If  dependent solely on bank funding, they are not in control of their own destiny and therefore cannot commit to projects or make decisions without the funder's agreement.

At Peak, we are in the fortunate position of having considerable reserves and access to substantial private investment.

In practise, this means we can approach every development opportunity with an open mind; how best to optimise the site, not what is the best solution for the bank.

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